Although the selection of commercial pumpkin and pumpkin spice-flavored products flooding the market is largely disappointing, don’t overlook the great hand-crafted local products that are available.

The Houston Press did a nice feature on Urban Eats’ pumpkin confections, which include Pumpkin White Chocolate Mousse and Gingersnap Parfait, Pumpkin Fudge, Pumpkin Cheesecake, Pumpkin Praline Biscotti, and Pumpkin Spice Bread.

At the Eastside Farmers market, I found perfect little Pumpkin Macarons from Maison Burdisso (actually, all the macarons there are perfect):


Also at the farmers market was delicious Pumpkin Frozen Custard from Honeychild’s Sweet Creams (the banana pecan was not too shabby either):


Rebecca Masson (2015 Houston Culinary Award winner for Pastry Chef of the Year) has plump little Pumpkin Whoopie Pies at her recently-opened Fluff Bake Bar (definitely want to grab a chocolate-covered caramel Rice Krispie bar while you’re there):


And Hugs and Donuts has a sensational jelly doughnut-like creation with a pumpkin cheesecake filling and toasted marshmallow topping (plan on picking up at least a dozen assorted donuts — you won’t be able to decide on just one or two):

Before you waste your hard-earned dollars (or even your trust fund dollars) on something as ridiculously awful as a Pumpkin Spice Twinkie, visit one of these local establishments and remind yourself how wonderful a pumpkin treat can be this time of year — although you’ll just have to imagine a roaring fire in the fireplace and colorful leaves falling all around you for at least another couple of weeks.


Welcome to day 30 of Tag Sale Tastes’ Pumpkinpalooza!

This is, thankfully, the last day of Pumpkinpalooza.  I thought it would be nice to celebrate with a little bubbly, so I broke out the R.W. Knudsen Sparkling Pumpkin Spice Juice Blend, a pumpkin spice-flavored apple and pumpkin juice blend:


Made from sparkling filtered water, apple and pumpkin juice, and natural flavor, this seemed like it would be a delightful fall beverage, perhaps something fun for the kids on the Thanksgiving table:

IMG_1714I was wrong.  This sparkling juice was putrid.  I couldn’t take more than one sip, and even that was pushing it given the smell of this stuff.  It appears to me that although it lends a lovely orange color to the drink, pumpkin juice is not a desirable addition to an otherwise refreshing beverage.  As I poured the remainder of the bottle down the sink and sprayed the area with Lysol to mask the nauseating smell, I was thankful that I did not spring for pumpkin beer this month.

I hope you’ve enjoyed Pumpkinpalooza.  I’ll have a recap in a day or so, followed by some highly recommended local pumpkin treats.  But until then, here’s a toast to a wonderful autumn as we gently ease into the holiday season.


Rating:  0 pumpkins (out of 5)