Over the years, my family has gotten a kick out of my turkey creations at Thanksgiving. There’s been the turkey vegetable platter, turkey cupcakes, turkey fruit plate, turkey oreos, and the turkey-topped cheesecake (we created the cheesecake topping for a contest sponsored by the canned pear industry, and won $1000 gift certificate to a school supply company, which we donated to a school that serves an underprivileged population) :

I’m always impressed by the many creative and whimsical ideas out there on the interwebs.  So, just for fun, here is a roundup of turkey-themed foods to amuse your family with this Thanksgiving, updated for 2017.

Turkey veggie trays are easy and colorful, limited only by the produce available and your imagination:

Eating Richl(New for 2017)

Found at Mrs. Fields  (New for 2017)

Wow ’em with this one from Hidden Valley

Likewise, turkey fruit trays are easy and colorful:

New for 2017

You could try your hand at a melon turkey:

Although this turkey melon masterpiece puts all others to shame:

melon turkey 1

 Found at homecrux.com

There’s lots of cute ways to say “Happy Thanksgiving” to your little ones:

A turkey charcuterie platter will keep folks happy while the turkey finishes roasting:

A turkey cheese ball makes a whimsical appetizer:

Pretzel turkeys are quite popular:

This is my kind of turkey pretzel!


Philly Pretzel Factory

And this turkey pretzel roll would make a great turkey sandwich, don’t you agree?


Philly Pretzel Factory

Lots of ideas for turkey-shaped breads, like this handsome bird:

Rhodes (New for 2017)

Or this sweet potato bread turkey:

kbaked (New for 2017)

And this beautiful pull-apart sourdough bread turkey:

Boudin Sourdough (New for 2017)

Deviled egg turkeys prove that this popular appetizer is not just for Easter:

I wish I had the time and patience to make this magnificent Rice Krispie treat turkey filled with M&Ms:

rice krispie turkey

Found at musingsfromatangledmind.com

And finally, a round of applause for this M&M artwork (be sure to check out the artist’s other M&M creations here):


Perhaps one of these will inspire you to create your own Thanksgiving turkey.  If so, I’d love to see what you come up with!