Today the family had lunch at Sweet Tomatoes, a soup and salad bar restaurant.  It’s usually pretty standard fare, but today they had something out of the ordinary — at least I’d never seen it before.

The restaurant boasts 8 freshly-made soups daily:

Not that I am going to hold them to the promise of 8 soups, but today they only had 7 soups and a bucket of stuffing.  Yes, stuffing.  On the soup bar.  Diners were encouraged to add a scoop of stuffing to their Creamy Herbed Turkey Soup:

Comfort and joy?

 Add a scoop of non-vegetarian stuffing to your turkey soup.  Why?  Why not? 

For some reason — maybe the sheer “what the hell” of it — the stuffing in the soup just cracked us up.  As I was snapping these photos and kind of making fun of the whole thing, however, the guy next to me was so excited to plop some stuffing in his soup that you could practically the hear the buttons on his shirt popping off.

Next Thanksgiving, when you’re looking for a way to use up leftover stuffing, remember — stuffing goes great in soup!  🙂