Don’t forget your pets this holiday season (like I really need to tell any pet owner that).

Do your pets have Christmas stockings?  Of course they do.  Our three dogs share a Christmas stocking that I needlepointed years ago for our first (of 4) shar peis.  As you might guess, this was done BK (before kids):


IMG_5571 (2)

We loved Siu Mai, our first shar pei

I’m pretty sure Santa will leave them some squeaky toys and rawhide treats in their stockings this year — they’ve tried really hard to be good:



Your pet might appreciate some holiday apparel.  Santa hats, holiday coats, and antlers are all popular.  Jasper feels festive in his “Definitely Naughty” holiday scarf:

 As does Lilo in her “Definitely Nice” holiday scarf:


What about gifts?  Last year we got Jasper what I thought would be a perfect gift — a horse head squirrel feeder:

Unfortunately, he was scared of it, and we finally had to take it down because he wouldn’t stop barking at it.  I’m still looking for a special gift for the dogs for this year — any ideas?


One holiday tradition I particularly look forward to is sending and receiving Christmas cards.   Nothing quite marks the passage of time as seeing how much my friends’  kids have grown since the last Christmas card photo.  I love seeing where my friends have been this past year, and I smile at the photos of their children and pets.  I appreciate everyone who cares enough to send a card with holiday wishes.


This year, in addition to friends and family, I’m sending a special card to a person who, for reasons unknown, is hostile and joyless.  She lives nearby, and is disliked by everyone around her.  It wouldn’t upset her to know this — it’s been her goal.  Other than this woman, I am fortunate to have great neighbors.  Anyway, I picked out the prettiest card I could find and am sending it to her.  Maybe someone doing something unexpectedly nice will momentarily soften her hard heart.  Maybe it will momentarily soften my heart towards her.  It can’t hurt.  Surely there’s someone similar in your life — a mean neighbor, a backstabbing coworker, a sourpuss relative — try sending them a beautiful card with a holiday wish for peace in the new year and see what happens.

Christmas Card

Peace, neighbor