Whenever I need a dose of holiday cheer to boost my stressed holiday spirits, I take a little drive through the neighborhood on my way back from wherever, to look at the holiday decorations gracing my neighbors’ yards.  Although I can appreciate the megawatt displays that some of my neighbors have paid to have installed, those are not the decorations that delight me the most:

I always get a kick out of any decorations that are Texas-themed, like this cowboy snowman and cactus: IMG_5534

I smile every time I drive past this agave, all decked out for the holidays:

agave Maybe not unique to Texas, but this shotgun-toting camo penguin is pretty amusing: IMG_5508 It’s always fun to come across vintage decorations, like this plastic Santa and his evil twin, that were just a few houses apart on the same block:

I dare you not to grin at these Christmas Star Wars characters: IMG_5505 I give this house an “E” for effort and exuberance: IMG_5506 I do a double take every time I drive by this festive flock of geese with their holly collars: IMG_5532 These pretty ornaments seem to float in the air like bubbles: IMG_5536 I know what you’re thinking.  Just say it — big red balls: IMG_5509 A little flamingo whimsy: IMG_5514 A reminder of what Christmas is about: IMG_5535 Finally, at this house I just wanted to get out of the car and applaud, yelling “Bravo, well done, well done”: IMG_5513 If you need a little break from the holiday hustle and bustle, take a quick trip around the neighborhood, and you are bound to come back grinning.  Are there any special holiday decorations in your neighborhood that you really enjoy?

I'd love to hear from you!