Today’s suggestion for spreading a little holiday cheer is to bring a treat to share with the office. There’s bound to be lots of holiday food gifts from vendors, clients, and coworkers this season, but it’s still early and most of those won’t start showing up until next week.  So why not be the one to get the party started?  I realize it’s a little like being the jerk on Facebook who wishes someone Happy Birthday the day before their birthday so that they can be the first to do so, but everyone loves to find a surprise treat in the break room, don’t they?

One caveat regarding office food — homemade cookies, cakes, and pies make great office treats, but don’t go too far off the reservation.  If you start bringing in stuff like the wreath o’ weenies and cheese ball snowman with asparagus arms below, people are going to start talking about you behind your back, things like “Wow, she really is one taco short of a combination plate,” and “Looks like someone’s off their meds again.”  Of course, being coworkers, they probably talk about you behind your back anyway, but why give them ammo?  (Although there may not be an I in “team,” there is one in “bitch.”)


Wreath ‘O Weenies

snowman cheese ball

Snowman Cheese Ball with asparagus arms

A plate full of Grinch fruit kebabs is sure to have your co-workers whispering behind your back:


Do you have a favorite dish to bring to the office?


  1. I think the Wreath ‘O Weenies is awesome – I laughed just hearing the name. Who knew the coconut cheese ball I served at Thanksgiving could be so much more festive for Christmas. Clever, clever… Though the Jello mold with cat food would likely be a hit. Decisions, decisions

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