Welcome to day 17 of Tag Sale Tastes’ Pumpkinpalooza!

Today’s featured product is one I was really looking forward to trying, mostly because of all the hype surrounding its introduction to the pumpkin spice lineup — Peeps Pumpkin Spice Flavored Marshmallows Dipped in White Fudge.


Do you really want to see the ingredient list?  It’ll just scare you.  Oh well.


Yeah, yeah, yeah — natural and artificial flavor, food coloring — what else is new?

And here they are:

IMG_6840They are the same Barbie flesh color as the Philadelphia Pumpkin Spice Cream Cheese Spread.  I don’t know why they couldn’t be orange.  I need orange.  Anyway, they’re kinda cute, perched on their white fudge nest, although the wonky eyes will creep you out if you let them:


I was dreading tasting them.  I don’t like Peeps to begin with, and these had so much going against them.  But I forged ahead, in the interest of “research” (not a peep!).  To my utter amazement, I thought these were just plain fun little treats.  The flavor was not particularly pumpkin spice-y, which I was thankful for given the ingredient list (and the fact that I am still recovering from Hershey’s Pumpkin Spice Kisses), and the alleged “white fudge” tasted like coconut, but they were sweet and pillowy and cute, and I felt like I was six years old sitting there licking the sugar off of my fingers.

They are gluten free, for those of you that are still smarting from not being able to eat Kellogg’s Pumpkin Spice Frosted Mini Wheats.

Rating:  3 pumpkins (out of 5)


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