Welcome to day 5 of Tag Sale Tastes’ Pumpkinpalooza!

Today I have for you Pumpkin Crunch, a popcorn confection I found at World Market:


With its chocolate-drizzled popcorn peeking through the pumpkins on the cellophane bag, this product offered great hope that it would be tasty.  And it was.  Let’s look at the ingredients, and you’ll understand why:


Although the package describes this as “an unforgettable blend of caramel corn, chocolate, almonds, pumpkin and cinnamon,” you’ll notice that there is NO PUMPKIN in the ingredients.  And although cinnamon is listed, it is not detectable in the taste of the popcorn.  I think they lied about cinnamon being in it.  After all, they lied about pumpkin being in it.  How can you trust them after that?

So what’s up with the “pumpkin?”  Well, here’s a bowlful of Pumpkin Crunch:


See the pumpkin “things” in there?  The whole bag only contained three of them, so they must be very precious.  They are actually caramel popcorn covered in “orange coating.”  Does that count as “pumpkin?”  I think not.  Pumpkin-like, at most.


Here’s the rub — this was actually pretty tasty, as in “I can’t stop eating this, get this away from me.”  I mean, chocolate-covered caramel corn — what’s not to like?  Truth in labeling issues aside, the absence of pumpkin and cinnamon was a definite plus.  Although it’s too early to tell for sure, maybe pumpkin-like blobs is a better way to go.

Rating:  3-1/2 pumpkins (1/2 pumpkin deducted for false labeling) (out of 5)

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  1. Thanks Tina! I’m hoping to make your million-dollar Pumpkin Ravioli sometime this month — I think everyone would enjoy a pumpkin dessert that actually tastes good, make that delicious!

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