Happy 1st Birthday to Tag Sale Tastes!  One year ago today I launched the blog with Patriotic Red and Blue Cherry Spritz Cookies.  That recipe has since been pinned and repinned many times on Pinterest (including once by a mean pinner who didn’t care for my sculptural tree decorated with red and blue ornaments and declared it the “Christmas in July take on the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree,” and was so proud of her witty self that she included 9 hashtags with it).

To kick off the blog’s second year, here’s another patriotic treat that will surely make your kids smile, and only requires 2 ingredients.  The first is these red, white, and blue Twizzlers I found at Walgreen’s:

001 (8)

I think it’s a bit of stretch to say that they are “raspberry, wild berry, and lemonade” flavored, but more discriminating palates (or is it less discriminating palates?) might disagree.

The second ingredient is Little Debbie Swiss Rolls (which I will forever call Ho Hos):

swiss rolls

To make the “firecrackers,” cut off a 2-inch piece of Twizzler, and pull apart the individual strands about halfway down, to create a “fuse” for your firecracker.  And then stick it in the end of the Swiss Roll.  Seriously — if you can stick a Twizzler in a Ho Ho (yeah, I know), then you can make a “firecracker.”  As Ina would say, “How easy is that?”  (Except hell would probably have to freeze over before she ever made Jeffrey a Twizzler/Ho Ho firecracker.)


4th of July Firecrackers

I should note that I am not the only person to realize the crafting potential of the patriotic Twizzlers.  Check out this hilarious post and equally hilarious Panettone Cake Monster from Dinosaur Dracula:


And these “perfectly imperfect” Firecracker Pops from Sweet Simple Stuff:

1d71350d8bb6c917469e9db4b46c47e3[1]Something about Twizzlers brings out the kid in everyone.  Go get yourself a pack of patriotic Twizzlers and have some fun of your own this 4th of July!

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