The Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games is Friday.  If you’re having an Olympics Opening Ceremony Party (and really, aren’t we all?), then you might be inspired by some of these Olympic-themed drinks and desserts from around the interwebs.

For starters, how about some Olympic votive candles for your table, from  (Kinda makes me think Olympic jello shots might be fun.)

For appetizers and main courses, I mostly found onion rings configured like the Olympic rings and pizza with toppings arranged like the rings (neither of which looked particularly appetizing), and foods of whatever nations you might be rooting for.  But there was no shortage of creative Olympic desserts, like these Olympic donuts for example:

Or this easy Olympic cake:

Cupcakes lend themselves to the Olympic treatment nicely:

 And, of course, there were Olympic cookies:

I think my favorite cookies are these happy gingerbread Olympic swimmers from

So . . . what are you making to celebrate the XXX Olympiad?